Oils in the laundry!


So some might think essential oils are a hoax. Well I can say I am not using them to cure cancer but I am using them around the house and for common household things like cuts (With a 4 year old you will do anything to relieve the drama). But this is probably my favorite use.

I have tried all sorts of laundry detergents to mask the smell of nothing that comes with military uniforms, i have found none. This combo is the only thing that actually gives them some sort of smell. I bought the Nellies Soda at Marshall’s on sale for about $12 and I bought the wool dryer balls online. I am a member of Young Living essential oils so obviously I bought my oils there.

I mix one scoop of Nellie’s soda with two drops of both lavender (scent) and Thieves oil (disinfectant) and then run them in the wash (on cold water because I’m a cheapo).

Once they’re done I move them to the dryer with all five of my balls with 1 drop or peppermint oil on each ball (the peppermint lasts for about 3 dry cycles). then run it as normal. The annoying part is picking the balls out when its done. But I LOVE the way my clothes smell now!! Enjoy.


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