Air Force Mom

So I am relatively new to this blogging thing. I set this up a while ago to find something to do and never really did it religiously like I had hoped. Life tends to get in the way sometimes. I enjoy writing and would love to one day write a book, I just have no clue here to start.

I think one way that I would like to reach people is by sharing my life. I am a mother to two beautiful children. My son is Cole and he is currently 4.5 years too old. I swear that boy gets sassier every day. I listen to him though and it is hard to get upset with him because I know most of the stuff he says he learned from me. At the end of the day I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He is the sweetest boy I could ask for and never stops telling me that he thinks that I am beautiful. His baby sister Charlotte will be 1 in 18 days. She is a precious little girl that never stops smiling, no matter how many teeth are shoving their way in. She is a beautiful girl and I could watch the love between her and her big brother all day long.

I want to tell you more about myself though. I am not only a mother, and a wife to an awesome man, I am an American Airman. I have currently been serving on active duty for almost seven years. I am currently serving as an Air Traffic Controller in South Carolina. Let me tell you what, the Air Force is to thank for everything I have.

I joined the Air Force right after high school because I didn’t know what else to do with my life. I went through basic training (which was cake), tech school (which was moderately difficult for ATC) and then landed myself smack dab next to the Mexican border in Del Rio, Texas… Literally on the border, I’m not kidding. Anyways, I didn’t love it there, but I met my amazing husband Adam while I was there who was also in the Air Force.

After a year of dating I found out that I was pregnant… Yes, we weren’t married, yes I was shocked/scared/worried, but Adam ensured me everything was going to be okay and that we would be great parents. We went to the courthouse and got hitched and were able to be stationed at the same base (finally in a city! San Antonio, Texas.). I had 100% support and free prenatal care PAID IN FULL. I didn’t pay a dime. Although I didn’t have the greatest birth experience, my son was in good hands and well cared for. So now I have moved from Florida to Texas to Mississippi to Texas and then to another city in Texas without paying a dime. They weren’t the prettiest places, but I had seen some pretty great stuff already.

Being a new mom I took my 6 weeks off, and I had a great boss that basically extended it for me an extra two weeks free of charge. This whole time I was getting paid my full pay with my housing allowance and food stipend (close to 3k a month). So all this was great!! My second child was the same way except in a civilian hospital instead of a military one (my base doesn’t have a OB ward) and the experience was amazing!
Another great thing that the Air Force has given me is the opportunity to get an education. I have gotten my Bachelor’s degree in HRM free of charge and am 4 classes from finishing my master’s degree FREE OF CHARGE. I haven’t paid a dime out of my money but have used the tuition assistance the military provides all their members.
The Air Force has also given me the chance to travel. I have been able to travel to Ireland and many different states and sights. Although this isn’t on their dime, its due to the fact that I have a steady paycheck and don’t have to worry about anything. We live on base which costs us our whole housing stipend but the housing isn’t bad for what they are charging us. The Air Force and saving money well has also allowed me to be able to pay off my car and we bought my husband’s vehicle outright. We’re not perfect but the money from the military is what has helped make our lives so comfortable.
Due to overcrowding in his job, my husband was paid to not come back from the special duty he was doing. This paid off credit cards he had before we met. Since then he has been going to school using his GI Bill from the Air Force and gives us a monthly stipend of about $700 which helps.

All I want to say by this post is to describe how the Air Force has been good to me. I hope that I can help someone see how great the military can be for families and how it’s not bad. The AF has afforded me so many opportunities. Some say the military is awful and hate it, but the things they say they hate is things they would have to deal with in a civilian job as well. But, when joining it is important to choose a job that will be conducive to having a family life if that is what you want. Not all jobs are good for that. I have been able to travel, get my degree and provide for my family. I plan to stay 20 years and be able to retire with a check for the rest of my life at 38. THANK YOU


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