Beautiful Blairsville

I really don’t know where to begin with my love for Blairsville Georgia. It is a beautiful small town that I would personally say that everyone that lives in the southeast should visit at least once. I once lived there and was happy when my grandparents moved back and I was able to go and visit!!

Coming from Central South Carolina we drove west and came to Blairsville over Blood Mountain. Man that mountain is intense!!! Talk about a slow and winding road, plan extra time to make that trek. But, the mountain is a beautiful drives at all times of the year. This town is a small town that is a great place for a family vacation. They offer plenty to do anytime of the year.

After getting settled, we enjoyed sitting outside on the back porch and enjoyed the nice March weather that the North Georgia Mountains has to offer. The mosquitos were definitely out but it was nice out on the screened in porch.

The next day we went over to Blue Ridge, GA (about 45 minutes away). We started out day by visiting Mercier Orchards. There you should definitely do their cider tasting and maybe even take one of the tours. We weren’t there during any picking season but they do offer that at different times of the year. I would love to go do that if we can make it back over there again during one of the seasons. The store is AWESOME though and has so many things to offer. You can buy home décor, food, toys, wine, cider and so much more! They also have a very good restaurant with a wide variety of foods. I would highly recommend trying some of their fried pies and their apple cider doughnuts…actually just anything they sell there will likely be delicious. All around Mercier’s Orchards is a great place to visit.
Next we checked out downtown Blue Ridge. It is a nice place with a lot of really cute little shops. One thing that is crazy about that place is the CARPENTER BEES!!! They are EVERYWHERE. As someone that is terrified of bees I was freaking out (even though they won’t sting/bite). But we perused the shops, my husband bought fly fishing stuff and we invested in some very nice Solomon hiking shoes. I looked into the train that departs from downtown but I couldn’t justify doing it because it was pretty pricey and not really a thing I wanted to do with a 11 month old baby. We did venture to the Blue Ridge Brewery for lunch. Adam and I both ordered one of their cheeseburgers and they were both FANTASTIC. They had a great selection of house made beers and they were delicious as well.
Later that night we ventured with my grandparents to Meeks Park in Blairsville. This is one of the most beautiful city parks that I have ever seen. There is a walking trail that goes around the whole park and is paved and shaded the whole way. There is tons of creek front area that my son had a great time exploring. On a warm day you can bring swim suits and play in the deeper parts of the creek or just have fun playing in the shallow spots. It would be a great place to bring lunch and have a picnic as well. They have playgrounds that are even separated by age groups and also have a large section of swings. I would go to Meeks Park everyday just to play in the creek if I lived there!!
The next day was another fun one. We started the day by going to Helton Creek Falls. It is truly a beautiful fall that easily walked to (.4 miles) after a short drive down a one way dirt road. It is a beautiful and very secluded waterfall that has a very nice swimming area as well. There are two different spots that you can get to the water and take a dip! Definitely worth the trip!!!
While there we also checked out Jerae’s Unity Alpacas. It was a quaint little Alpaca farm that gives you tours by appointment (check out their Facebook Facebook). The owners of this farm are very nice people that love their Alpacas very much. They will gladly give you a tour where they can name every one of their 20+ Alpacas and give you details about them individually. I ask tons of questions so I’m glad they were so welcoming and willing to answer them all. My son loved feeding the Alpacas and getting to pet them once he warmed up to them. Also, after your tour they have a gift shop you can check out and see some beautifully crafted items out of Alpaca fleece. Seriously the stuff they sell in there is the softest stuff ever!!

So food…… JIM’S SMOKIN QUE. You MUST MUST MUST check it out. It was rated on Trip Advisors top 10 BBQ in the COUNTRY. It was really delicious. I had the brisket sandwich and it was so moist and amazing. They also have a very good sauce but I would make sure to grab extra if you are taking the food to go. Coming from Texas I enjoy a good brisket but I will say this one was better than the one I had in Texas. Way to go Jim’s. P.S. Order ahead of time or expect a very very long line.

Another Hot Spot we hit on our trip was Vogel State Park. You have to pay a small fee to get (grams has an annual pass) but it has many great things to offer. There is a huge lake that feeds to a beautiful waterfall just to start. The lake allows fishing (with a license, you can get a 3-day pass from Walmart) and you can rent canoes, kayaks and even paddle boats. We enjoyed a nice picnic there and yet again, enjoyed playing in the creeks.

The last place I want to tell you about is Brasstown Bald. It is about a 20 minute drive from Blairsville and is the highest point in all of Georgia. You can either hike up from the bottom (a steep .8 mile hike) or take the shuttle (included with admission). The hike is pretty steep but my 70 year old grandpa was able to do it while pushing the baby in the stroller! On top there is a 360 view of EVERYTHING. It is too beautiful for words to describe but worth evert step to make it to the top. There is a small exhibit at the top where you can learn more about the Appalachians and the mountain in general. The trek back down was tough with a stroller because it was so steep but it was manageable. At the bottom there is also a nice gift store to buy souvenirs.

Also, check out Alexander’s. It is called the Macy’s of the mountains and they sell just about everything. Wake up early one morning and make the trip to G n G Bakery in town and try one of their delicious Cronuts!! Avoid Pappy’s Trading Post though…it use to be nice but is now just a bunch of stores selling junk souvenir stuff. Unless you go in the summer! Then their tubing is a great time.

All around, Blairsville is a must see for anyone that loves beautiful scenery! Check it out and let me know how much you love it.

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