Midwood Smokehouse

Oh my gosh. I am obsessed with this new restaurant Midwood Smokehouse. It is the best BBQ I have ever had…. and I’ve lived in Texas. We found this place while out with some friends in Columbia, SC and it is absolutely amazing. No lie. Probably the best food I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant. So let’s get started about how amazing it is. 
Let’s just start with the fact that they had Shiner on tap. SHINER!!! For us from Texas that’s like a goldmine because it’s everywhere there but in SC it’s not all over so we were sooooo happy to get it there. We started with their pimento cheese fries which were about $6 for a hefty portion. They were amazing!!!! Especially when paired with some Franks Hot Sauce… oh my gosh. So tasty. They could have used a little less cheesy goodness but all around I would definently eat them again. 

Now. I got my favorite… the smoked chicken platter. Only $10!!!!!! For a half of a smoked chicken, two sides and hushpuppies. For my sides I chose the Cole slaw.. I just recently became a fan of slaw but take a bite of it with the chicken and some of their jalapeño BBQ sauce and ughhhh so delicious. I also got the cream corn….Rudy’s in TX makes some dang good cream corn but this one is better! It’s just sweet enough and has a great pepper flavor, IN LOVE!!!!! I ordered a side of their Mac n cheese because it is awesome too, fresh made with real thick cheese. Oh so good!!! The chicken too was fall of the bone amazing!!! They’re Millwood, mustard and Jalepeno BBQ sauces were all amazing as well. Just everything was great!!!! And all of this (the Mac was additional) was only $10!!!!

Needless to say this is my new favorite place and it will be hard to convince me to eat anywhere else when we make he 45 minute trek to Columbia. Go go go!!!! You won’t regret it.  

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